Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bishop to Queen's Pawn 5

Well then I thought it would be really cool to make a chessboard and chess pieces. I made the board...

Then I figured I'd make the chess pieces. I tried carving them freehand first. Failed.

Then i tried carving them with a Dremel. Failed

I then tried to sand them into shape with a bench sander. Failed, but it is a great tool.

I then bought a $30 scroll saw off of Craigslist and things started to click into place.

Now I have a plan, and the ability.

Poppin' the cherry

Here is the first post. I'm going to post some of the first woodworking things I've built since December, when I got into this.

My original intent was to make the easels for Christmas presents. When I got them done, I found that I had some cherry wood left over and I built a jewelry box for my niece and it turned out very well. That's what started the whole thing....