Monday, April 28, 2008

Palm Springs show report

Much better show this time around. Was not as much gate, so the sales I made were all to cat people, but I garnered three special orders and sold three other pieces. One of which was a box, so that was very good.

I have to go gets some more materials for the work I just got, but that's good. It gives me something to do.

Now if I can get out from under honey-do's to be able to get work done (shhhhh!!!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Palm Springs Weekend

I'm off to Palm Springs for a weekend of vending items. I'm taking a few new signs with me in order to chum up some custom order business. I'm also going to lower prices a bit and see if I can came up the price in volume. If nothing else, I'm having fun with it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Cow

Thomas, of BareFoot Woodworks finished his chess set. I designed it, but he gets credit for the manufacture and design and build of the board and case. It is one magnificent piece of work and I'm proud to have done a small part. Thomas's accomplishment is truly awe-inspiring.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Show Wrapup

I didn't get the gate and walk-through I was looking for, but I still had fun. I was able to talk to several people who were appreciative of what I've done and that made me feel very good.

I sold 5 pieces, and that provided a tidy little profit and enough resolve to go to another show this weekend. Wish me luck in Palm Springs!!!!

So, I have a few items to work on this week, such as desk or table signs.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going to the Show!!!

My first show...

I'm going to the Cat Show in Pomona at the LA county fairgrounds on Saturday, April 19th. I have an 8 foot table to vend my wares.

Here is what I'm going with

21 Chesspiece Prototypes at $5 each
11 Business Card Holders at $8 each
3 Desk Clocks at $30 each
1 Diorama at $30
My one complete Chess Set for $395
The cat box for $35
The Coyote box for $30
The Fish box for $50
The Large Basket for $60
The Small Basket for $35
Several Keychain/magnet items for $8 each
The Square Box for $40
Two Bowl Holders and Bowl for $40
The Rocking Chair for $40
The Nut Box for $40
10 different Barettes, for $10 each
6 different letter openers for $12 each
and lastly, two Hurricane Vases with Glass for $65 each

Wish me luck.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Skipping ahead to what I built this weekend

I got into making boxes and baskets and vase holders so I got the big idea to make a fish box. This is how it turned out.

I also made this bowl holder. I love the way the oak turned out.

I used a slab of Padauk with this pine box to jazz it up.

My mother doesn't know it yet, but this vase holder is destined to be her birthday party.

This basket was my own design and wow, I love the way it turned out.

Another basket of my own design.

A cat box.... makes me laugh.

A picture frame will go in the circle on this diorama

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dammit!!! What's next?

Then I'm left with a conundrum, what am I going to do next. I'll try some little things like business card holders and letter openers.

The Chess Set

Here is the final product, in it's regal glory...

Various Chesspiece Prototypes

When I got going with the chesspieces, I looked high and low for patterns. There aren't many out there. So I kept asking and asking, and I was told "go make one." Well I didn't, I've made 15 so far. Some of the have worked, some have not, but I learned with each and every piece I cut. Here are a few winners and losers.

Then it hit me... what kind of finish would I put on them. I found out mineral spirits will clean a piece and it gives you an idea of what it will look like when it's finished.

Then I got serious and developed my production pattern. Here is how it started.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Desk Clocks

Now I decided to make some small desk clocks. I got some trash pieces of mahogany, sirari, spalted maple, and some other DAMN hard dark wood....

Sink Inserts

I took some hickory and glued it together to make it look like a cutting board. This makes the sink look much better and cut it to shape and finished it with a food safe oil.