Thursday, April 17, 2008

Going to the Show!!!

My first show...

I'm going to the Cat Show in Pomona at the LA county fairgrounds on Saturday, April 19th. I have an 8 foot table to vend my wares.

Here is what I'm going with

21 Chesspiece Prototypes at $5 each
11 Business Card Holders at $8 each
3 Desk Clocks at $30 each
1 Diorama at $30
My one complete Chess Set for $395
The cat box for $35
The Coyote box for $30
The Fish box for $50
The Large Basket for $60
The Small Basket for $35
Several Keychain/magnet items for $8 each
The Square Box for $40
Two Bowl Holders and Bowl for $40
The Rocking Chair for $40
The Nut Box for $40
10 different Barettes, for $10 each
6 different letter openers for $12 each
and lastly, two Hurricane Vases with Glass for $65 each

Wish me luck.

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