Thursday, January 29, 2009

Decisions Decisions

I've made a few decisions regarding the new Canterbury set. I'm not going to weight them. I've discovered I've designed the set with too shallow a base for me to weight it. So I'm going to change the design once these are cut.

I've also decided to not do wood hinges on the notre dame box. It would be nice, but I could not find a scrap of wood of cherry or padauk to use. So brass it is.

I've oiled and poly'd the box. The board is Poly'd and I oiled the pieces last night. I need to get some lead shot to put in the pieces to weight them, then fill in the base, then I can poly the whole thing and put the felt shoes on. Then DONE!!!!

Now, also thinking about the next box. I've got a little bit of maple, a nice large board of walnut, and three real nice cherry boards.... so I'm still thinkin'. But as an alternate, I bought a cheap box from Michaels (5.99) and am going to finish it with some scroll work and put a chess set in it. That way I can sell a set without building an intricate and expensive box.

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