Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sawdust Free Time

I'm going to be away from the workshop for a few days. We are driving to Denver for a show my wife and mother in law are involved in. When I get back I'm going to be fabricating wooden hinges for the Padauk and Cherry box. I've fabricated handled and a lift for the lid, and put feet on it. The dividers are all installed and have the supports in them for different height chess pieces. I also included two trays for checkers. So here is my to-do list to get that done...
1. Build hinges
2. Fit the hinges
3. Do the finish sanding on the box and interior
4. fill in any cracks or gaps in the dividers
5. Flock the interior and lid
6. Finish the piece with Danish Oil

Once I get past the crack filling, there is not much dedicated work left. Lots of working and waiting. It's a good thing I have other projects in the works!!!

My maple and walnut box had a set back. The dividers I designed did not fit. It's funny how you make one measurement miscalculation and it multiplies across the whole piece. I've fixed the divider design and have the design on a sheet of MDF ready to cut. Then I have to put the catch and hinges on, and put a decorative piece of walnut in the center opening to make up for the kerf I lost when I cut the piece apart. Then I'm at stage 3 above.

I'm also working on two chess sets. I've got the pieces designed, and on the wood. I trimmed the bottoms and need to put holes in the bottom for weights, using a 7/8 inch forstner bit. Then I cut the pieces. That should be a couple of week's work.

But all of that starts when I get back.

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