Monday, January 26, 2009

Notre Dame complete

Well, not complete, the cutting is done. I still have to sand, finish, weight and felt the pieces. I also oiled my box, so I'm letting that cure and I'll flock it and mount the hinges this weekend and it will be complete.

I'm pissed at etsy. It's not doing anything for me sales wise. If I want to discount things to the bone, I can probably sell, but I can't sell things for less than materials. What a friggin' crock.

So here are some pictures of the completed Notre Dame set, with board and box.

So now I get to start the next set, the Canterbury set in African Mahogany and Walnut.


  1. chess is one of my favorite pastimes.strategy and patient decision,seeing into the future.your work is wonderful.your patience and precision shows.

  2. Ramjet, thanks. There is something old school and elegant about chess. That's the reason I build these things. Glad you enjoy.